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The Magnification Company brings you the latest & most effective magnifying devices and low-vision services to help you achieve & maintain your visual independence.

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Experience a whole new world of magnifying options.

Explore hundreds of magnifying solutions to improve even the most challenging visual impairments.


Introducing the clearest, most powerful magnification available—hands-free!

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    Powerful variable magnification from 1x–14x delivers crisp, clear images

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    30-degree field of view offers a wide angle for near & distance viewing

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    Voice activation feature gives you convenient hands-free control

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    3 contrast settings allow you to read in complete comfort—even in low light!

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    Wireless remote puts you in complete control at the touch of a button

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    Optional Rx lenses when prescribed by your eye-care professional*


Experience the award-winning NuEyes® Video Magnifier— the smartest glasses you’ll ever own!

* Rx availability based on individual needs and must be prescribed by a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist.

This product is not designed to cure, treat, or prevent any eye disease. NuEyes video magnification glasses are assistive technology and not regulated by the FDA. All products are FCC compliant.

Video magnification customers—and growing!

Our low-vision customers aren’t just reading and writing again, they’re also enjoying visual success and independence with hobbies and crafts at home, work, and in school!

Years of low-vision product & technology experience

Our mission is simple— to provide the latest & most effective magnifying devices and low-vision services to help restore visual independence to the visually impaired or legally blind. 

Times we've been awarded top distributor worldwide

Our passion for our business is deepened by the fact that a large percentage of the low vision population have no idea about this type of magnification technology, and we’re making sure they do!

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