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About TMC

The Magnification Company, formerly Magnifying Solutions, Inc., is located in southern Pinellas county, Florida in the historic city of St. Petersburg. We provide sales and services throughout the state of Florida and Puerto Rico. Our office showroom is open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm—but only by appointment, so please call before you plan a visit!

There is never a demonstration or assessment fee—the only cost is the purchase of your product.

We work hand in hand with eye care professionals, state agencies for the visually impaired/blind (Division of Blind Services), VA hospitals and vision teachers within our school systems to provide one-on-one demonstrations and evaluations in the convenience of home, school, workplace or doctor’s office. Call us today at (866) 343-3395 to schedule an appointment or for more information about our services!

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About Our Mission

Dedicated to helping the vision impaired

The Magnification Company is dedicated to providing the latest and most effective magnifying devices and low vision services to help our customers achieve and maintain their visual independence. Whether you have macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or any other eye-related low vision impairment, our goal is to make your world as BIG and BRIGHT as possible!

About Bob

Meet Bob Schrepfer, resident native of St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, current owner of The Magnification Company, and former owner of Magnifying Solutions, Inc. Bob has dedicated more than 28 years to helping those with low vision regain their independence with high-powered magnifying devices. He continues his mission to bring the latest magnifying technology to those with severe vision loss today with The Magnification Company’s diverse line of products and services.

In 1988, Bob helped pioneer products for the low vision optical industry, representing brands like Coburn Optical’s Vision Assist Products. He continued to excel in management and marketing roles with the ‘Who’s Who’ of low-vision manufacturers like HumanWare, Xerox Adaptive Products, Enhanced Vision and Optelec. Bob’s passion for helping those with low vision put him on the map in 1992 when he opened The Magnifying Center, the first low-vision retail store in the Southeastern United States. He continued his quest for helping those with low vision in 2006 by offering the first low-vision mobile showroom in the U.S. to provide eye care professionals the latest technology and resources right at their office!

Bob Schrepfer

About the Technology

TMC-past_present- hand held video magnifiers
Conventional magnifiers are typically limited to one power of magnification (1x) within the lens. Today’s portable hand-held video magnifiers provide an adjustable magnification range from 1.5x to 22x !

When it comes to new magnification technology for the visually impaired, we’ve come a long way from hand-held conventional magnifying glasses to modern day portable hand-held, desktop, and head-worn video magnifiers.

At The Magnification Company we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest magnifying devices available for your visual needs—magnifiers that can actually provide a whole new level of visual independence.

For those suffering from Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy or any other eye-related vision challenges, there is a whole new world of magnifying options available. Call or click here to send us a message to find out more today!