TMC PerfectView+

TMC PerfectView+

Product Overview

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  • June 5, 2016

The new TMC PerfectView+ Transferable Video Magnifier is our most flexible magnifying device for seeing at any distance whether it’s for Near, Self-Viewing or Distant Objects that are far away. Just point the camera at what you want to see for reading documents, applying make-up and personal grooming or for far away images like your TV across the room!

In addition to the flexible 3-In-1 camera for seeing at any distance, you can easily relocate it from room to room throughout your house or take it back and forth from home to school or work.  Weighing only 17.5 lbs., it provides a built in handle with a convenient carry case on rollers (optional).

Features & Specifications

  • Continuous Zoom Magnification from 1.5X to 75X
  • 22” Monitor Size with High Definition Output
  • Full Color Mode with 8 Selectable Color Contrast Modes
  • Internal Lighting for Brightness and Contrast Clarity
  • Line Markers / Masking Markers / Focus Lock
  • Freeze Frame (Image Capture) for reviewing objects
  • Dimensions Base Footprint: 7.5”x 10” Weight: 17.5 lbs.
  • 2-YEAR Warranty

Optional Accessories 

  • Telescopic Rolling Carry Case
  • Easy-Glide Reading Table (X and Y Tray)

TMC PerfectView+

22`` High Definition (HD)
$2,595 + $55 S&H each

1.5x to 75x magnification