Low Vision Products

Video Magnifiers (CCTVs)

Conventional Magnifiers

  • TMC SmartMag LED

    Illuminated hand-held magnifiers, 2.5x–14x

  • Optelec PowerMag+

    Illuminated hand-held magnifiers, 2.5x–13x

  • TMC SmartMag LED Stand

    Illuminated fixed-focus magnifiers, 3x–14x

  • Optelec PowerMag+ Stand

    Illuminated fixed-focus magnifiers, 3x–15x

  • Eschenbach MaxTV Glasses

  • Eschenbach MaxDetail Glasses

  • Zadro LED Dome Magnifier

  • Magnabrite Dome Magnifier

    In four sizes from 51mm–115mm

Non-Optical Low-Vision Items

The Magnification Company carries a wide array of convenient, non-optical low-vision aids to enhance your lifestyle. Contact us for more details.

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  • VisionEdge Illuminator

    Hands-free LED system

  • Zadro Visual Enhancement Desk Lamp

    White or black

  • Zadro LED Magnifying Vanity Mirror

    LED illuminated magnification 1x–10x

  • Zadro LED Compact Magnifying Mirror

    LED illuminated magnification 1x–10x

  • Big Print Address Book with 20/20 Pen

  • Big Print Date & Calendar Book

  • 2016 Big Print Calendar

  • Big Print Check Register

  • Big Print Playing Cards

  • Bold Line Paper Pad

  • Large Print Computer Keyboard

    White/black or black/yellow options

  • Large Button TV Remote Control

    Tek Pal and Hy-Tek

  • Big Number Talking Desktop Calculator

  • Pyramid Talking Alarm Clock

  • Atomic Talking Alarm Clock

  • Atomic Talking Watch (Unisex)

  • Two-Tone Talking Watch

    Silver/gold watch in women's & men's styles

  • MyWeigh Talking Scale

  • Bump-On Dots

    Available in orange